Limassol Del Mar

Limassol Del Mar is situated less than 25m from the beach, on a plot of 34,000m2 with its south side offering 170m of unobstructed sea views. Inspired by the gentle and curved waves of the Mediterranean in the south and from the low hills to the north, the unique sinusoidal curves of the project appear both in its center and on the floors with the curved walls creating a separate sculpture of approximately 40,000m2. Clearly influenced by nautical architecture, the building reflects a large cruise ship, with the outer gardens of the summit standing proudly as the bridge and the command station. The first construction phase involves the delivery of the first two towers (A and B), 13 and 18 floors respectively. The second phase involves the delivery of the apartments of the "Signature Collection", that is the eastern tower of 28 floors. Project executed in JV.