Dhekelia Power Station B

The Power Station consists of two 65 MW oil fired boilers and steam turbine alternator sets. Their main features include:
• 55x60x22 meters high turbine hall and annexes. The main hall roof has north-light trusses spanning 31 meters.
• Reinforced concrete cooling water culverts 15 meters deep.
• Reinforced concrete intake structure protected with breakwaters. Sheet piling is used to cut-off sea water.
• 1710m² of workshops, stores and other small buildings.
• A 3-storey, 600m², Administration building.
• Bases and other relevant structures for three oil tanks, with a capacity of 13,000 m³ each. Foundations of 132KV switchyard.
• Roadworks and area drainages.
The project was executed in Joint Venture with G. P. Zachariades.